The system is designed for separation of sheet materials from a stack and
to mark the material.
The marking can be labelling, ink jet print or laser print.
The feeder function can be adjusted for different sizes and thickness of material
and it can be refilled during operation.
The speed of the operation can be adjusted to optimize the capacity.
Maximum Line Speed
30.0 m/min
Max. label roll diameter: 270 mm
Max liner rewind roll diameter: 180 mm
Core diameter: 40 mm
Min. label width with liner: 20 mm
Max. label width with liner: 200 mm
Min. label length: 20 mm
Max. label length: 250 mm
Temperature: 5 - 40 oC
Humidity: 90% non condensing
Dimmensions: 1600 x 800 x 1600 mm
Weight: 0.0 kg
Additional information
Modifications are possible with regard to your requirements
Warranty: 12 month
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