Datalogic DS4800 Datalogic DS4800

Datalogic DS4800

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Industrial Corded
DS4800 is a flexible and compact laser scanner for industrial application, satisfying all main identification needs of your manufacturing plants. DS4800 features an excellent reading performance, ease of setup thanks to X-PRESS™interface, high-speed ID-NET™ communication interface and total immunity against ambient light.
Smart Focus Adjustment optimizes reading performances based on reading distances using a single model.
DS4800 series includes Subzero models (both Linear and Oscillating Mirror), extending operating temperature to -35°C +50°C by means of the smart internal heater and de-frost window.
Supported codes: 1D
Scan engine: Laser
Light source: Visible laser diode 630-680 nm
Scan speed: 1000 scans/s
Data Transfer, Communications
RS485 (IBM 46xx), Profinet, RS232, Ethernet
Temperature: -35° - 50° C
Humidity: 90% nesikondensuojanti
IP class: 65
Resistence to drops on concrete surface: m
Dimmensions: 101 x 85 x 42
Weight: 580 kg
Warranty: 24 month
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