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Argox AS-9500H

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Handheld Corded
The AS-9500H imager is a 2D scanner made with anti-microbial materials for healthcare and similar applications. Imagers are difficult to sterilize, and being highly mobile, they have the potential to carry germs from one area of a hospital to another.
Using anti-microbial material certified by health and environmental officials, and offered in white or powder blue, the AS-9500H imager offers an ideal 2D barcode scanning tool for the healthcare fields.
The AS-9500 series comes in four models for different applications; besides the AS-
9500H (Healthcare) there are the AS-9500g (General Use), the AS-9500HD (High Density), and the AS-9500L (Long Range) models. These handheld scanners are small, lightweight and easy-to-use, and read all popular 1D and 2D barcodes, postal codes and OCR. The AS-9500 series works well in all environments including bright sunlight up to 100,000 Lux, and it has an aiming line and a vibration mode that make scanning easier.
Durable and designed for everyday use, the AS-9500 series meets IP42 dustproof and waterproof standards and has passed drop tests from 1.8 meters. It connects via RS-232, USB HID and USB COM port interfaces. The AS-9500 series is designed for use in applications requiring information-rich 2D barcodes, such as hospitals, pharmacies, libraries, government tax bureaus, customs, industry, automotive, and more.
● The AS-9500H external surface contains anti-microbial material to offer a solution for healthcare.
● Aiming line for easy barcode scanning
● Plug and play connectivity - All popular interfaces are on-board including RS-232, USB HID and USB COM ports
● Readable under sunlight up to 100,000 Lux
● Durable - Withstands 1.8m floor drop and meets IP42 dust and splash resistance standards
● Supports scanning 2-Dimensional symbols such as MaxiCode, DataMatrix, QR Code and
Aztec, as well as the full range of barcode symbologies.
● Reliability
(1) Trigger: 1,000,000 times
(2) Cable: 320,000 times (90°)
Supported codes: 2D
Scan engine: 752 X 480 CMOS sensor
Light source: 626nm±30nm Visible Red LED
Scan speed: 60fps
Data Transfer, Communications
USB, RS232
Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Humidity: -
IP class: 42
Resistence to drops on concrete surface: 1,8 m
Healthcare version: yes
Dimmensions: -
Weight: 0.146 kg
Warranty: 12 month
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