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Novexx ALS309

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Modular labeling system ALS 30x, especially developed for the most extreme labeling conditions and environments. Built to perform and support continuous labeling by using large label rolls, tandem application and fast service modules. Increase your productivity and production line performance by using our NOVEXX Solutions high-performance Labelers ALS 306 and ALS 309.
Maximum Line Speed
45.0 m/min
Max. label roll diameter: 400 mm
Max liner rewind roll diameter: 270 mm
Core diameter: 38/76/101 mm
Min. label width with liner: 25 mm
Max. label width with liner: 233 mm
Min. label length: 20 mm
Max. label length: 600 mm
Temperature: 5-40°C
Humidity: 30 - 85 %, nesikondensuojanti
IP class: Standartinė IP21, kaip opcija IP54
Dimmensions: 802 x 726 x 470 mm
Weight: 56.0 kg
Additional information
• L-shape dispensing edges
• L-shape rotating fixtures standard or adjustable (EURO-fixtures)
• Internal label roll OD kit
• Tandem function
• Applicator interface
• Various applicators
• Rotary encoder for APSF (automatic product speed follower)
• IP54 kit
• Rotary encoder for APSF (automatic product speed follower)
• Remote display
• Labelweb splice unit
• Capacitive label sensor.
Warranty: 12 month