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Opticon OPN-3002n

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Pocket Cordless
The OPN-3002n is a small 2D Bluetooth data collector. With a fast integrated 2D CMOS scanner and fully rechargeable. In occasions where Bluetooth is not provided, access by the USB port enables (cabled) data transfer to any USB device.
The OPN-3002n is supplied as a ready to go functional kit including a USB cable and lanyard. With its unique ergonomic design and weighing only 60 grams the OPN-3002 is perfectly suited to being worn around the user’s neck with the lanyard supplied. The OPN-3002n has a drop resistance to 1.5 meters (no need for a special protection cover).
Ease in use
Using the OPN-3002n is straightforward. No special training is needed as users only need to press a trigger key to operate and a reset key to control mistakes.
Supported codes: 2D
Scan engine: CMOS area sensor, 752 x 480 pixels
Light source: Green aiming LED, 2 illumination red LEDs
Scan speed: 60 fps
Data Transfer, Communications
Internal memory: yes
Temperature: 0 - 50 ˚C
Humidity: 85% (nesikondensuojanti)
Resistence to drops on concrete surface: 1,5 m
Dimmensions: 36 x 83 x 21,5
Weight: 0.057 kg
Warranty: 24 month
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