Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas) Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas) Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas) Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas) Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas)

Zebra DS3578 (Nebegaminamas)

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Handheld Cordless
Cordless, high-performance, omni-directional digital scanners that capture 1D/2D barcodes and direct part marks, and support IUID.
Supported codes: 2D
Scan engine: SR/HD/DP
Scan speed: 650nm LED
Data Transfer, Communications
RS232, USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS485 (IBM 46xx)
Work distance: 100.0
Temperature: -20° C - 50° C
Humidity: 5% - 95%
IP class: 65
Resistence to drops on concrete surface: 2 m
Rugged: yes
Dimmensions: 186,5 mm x 122,5 mm x 74,3 mm
Weight: 0.414 kg
Additional information
Scan engines:
Standard range (SR)
Reads virtually all 1-D and 2-D bar codes and direct part marks (DPM) (DP)
High density (HD)
Warranty: 36 month
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